…KETTE… on Etsy



My store! My baby! It has been officially opened on July 15, 2015. See here for the 60-second story synopsis.

Take a look and find something special for yourself here.

It is a one-woman show, but if it were not for the support and encouragement from friends and family, this shop would be non-existent. Special thanks to My Beloved for putting up with me overhauling our home office XOXO!

The end of grad school was truly the beginning. While my sources of inspiration are quite random, my designs abide by some of the lessons that solidified during grad school:

  • Don’t take forever.
  • Don’t go broke.
  • Be comfortable.
  • Be versatile.

I am always juggling many roles at once, so I aim to design pieces that can transition through the different arenas of scholar, dance instructor, karaoke fanatic, etc.; the hats may change, but the bling stays the same.

Stay tuned to SRO for future updates, including new products and maybe even a craft fair appearance.


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