While part of me misses being a full-time student and researcher (and I mean up-to-12-hours-a-day full-time), I do love having the extra free time. Goodness knows that when I completed grad school, there was a whole other, extremely suppressed part of me that simply wanted to burst.

This blog is sorta what that burst looks like.

I love jewelry, and I started tinkering with it since high school. Once I bought my first set of pliers and findings, I dived right in; however, it took a very long time for me to finally figure out what I liked, much less how to make them with what I could afford on a student’s budget. Thinking back on some of my earlier projects, I am pretty happy that I waited till now to start showcasing anything.

I love science, namely Materials Science (I spent about a decade of my life dedicated to it).  I shamelessly admit that a large part of this relates to getting to learn about the properties of bling.  Nowadays, when thinking about new projects or seeing something neat from Pinterest, I sometimes say to myself, “well, it’s pretty but does that really work/will it stand the test of time?” Who knows?!

I also love making things and learning new skills and subjects along the way. When I learned about what I could do with my senselessly large collection of nail polish, it was like a dam broke loose and ALL THE NAIL POLISH IN THE WORLD was flooding town.  My introduction to washi tape has opened new doors into personalizing everything in sight.  The texture of dried E6000 still confuses me. And I still need to figure out how well air-dry clay holds up on a hot and humid summer day.

In research, they say that the best questions are the ones that lead to more questions.  I must have been asking some really good questions because now I have a TON of them.  This blog is my sorta-attempt to answer them.


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