I’m alive! And I DIY!


Welp, it’s been a while. Last fall I moved to the Land of the Burning Sun, a.k.a Phoenix, AZ, and have been settling in. For the first few days when my beloved and I had only the bare minimal of our worldy possessions in our living space, it was a very a very Zen-like experience.

Then the movers came and reminded us of all the stuff we had thought we needed in order to live.

I did miss my crafting supplies, though.

Now, what’s nice about my life in AZ is that I’m getting a real paycheck and life is a lot less expensive than before, so I have more money for nice things! On the downside, the job has been so crazy! The place I work is made of entropy. Sometimes fun entropy, but entropy nonetheless.

I have still found time on the weekend for crafts, including creating the current DIY and new pieces of aspirational bling that will one day end up in my Etsy shop. But this whole “let’s get this published on the web” aspect I have been putting off. Until now!

Today is Crafting Day at a friend’s house, and while I could be working on my cosplay costume (I actually have money and time to spend on cosplay costumes!!!!) this post has been waiting to happen. So without further ado, I present easy DIY clip-on earrings: minimalist earrings with minimal effort.


0. Supplies: 

  • E6000
  • A pair of earring backs with flat surfaces. In this case, the flat surface is pretty narrow, but the beads are narrow, too, so it works out. I always use screw-backs for clip-ons because otherwise during wear there could be hours of pain.
  • Two rectangular (or cylindrical) beads. FYI, I got these jade ones from Fire Mountain Gems.
  • Optional: scrap wire, for when your tube of E6000 is clogged from disuse.


  1. Prepare to apply glue to the front face of the earring base.
  2. Apply glue in a narrow strip.
  3. Apply the bead. Repeat for the other earring.

Once the glue dries, super-fashion-trend-time begins! Behold!



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