Things that grow


After the Treegate incident, I tried to insist on my point that (# of trees) ≤ 1 in the best way that I could: painting more trees.

This one I will call Inverted Sunset because once I started on the tree, I realized that I painted the sunset colors were the reverse of what they should be, assuming the base of the tree is on the ground.

It’s too late now! The command strips have already been applied!

Perhaps this should be Treegate II, because now My Beloved and I are going to get into a disagreement on whether the picture is mounted right-side-up or upside-down. My emotions can only be captured by a WeChat sticker:


On a side note, see the curly branches? I saw them EVERYWHERE in Charleston, SC. I recently went there for Memorial Day weekend and they do love their Angle Oak, (allegedly) the oldest living tree east of the Mississippi. In tribute to its longevity, its influence was to be found in everything, including bling.

Earring charms with hooks removed.

Taking a break from trees, I took another stab at a free-hand painting, intending to “sketch” it out with black paint and then go from there. I think I went through about five iterations of ideas before I finalized this piece. At some point, once I decided I was moderately satisfied with the shading, I decided to make good use of my old Vogue issues and a pot of modge podge.

Coffee table art.

The shadowing may be a bit off because I didn’t have a model for this, but I think it gets the message across: We are flowers, we are in a vase, and we are way too close to that lamp! Woman, what were you thinking?!

Now if only my real plants were nearly this successful.


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