Acrylics gone wild


Shortly after directing my dance group’s anniversary performance, I fell sick for two weeks.  I was miserable, but at least I wasn’t obligated to do too much at that point (as if it wasn’t clear that I deserved a break).

Therefore, I figured it was time to break out the paint set.  I had not painted in YEARS. This was going to be exciting.

My first painting was a template from an acrylics kit I bought at an arts store some time back.  It was like painting-by-the-numbers except with no numbers…and with incomplete boundaries….yup.

My approach to this was as wild as them clouds.

My approach to this was as wild as them clouds.

You can still see some of the lines at the bottom where the “grass” is supposed to be — this was painted before I figured out that it’s better to use very minimal water.  The rest of the painting I think I just kind of went on my instinct on it. The original image they put on the box was a bit lighter in theme; perhaps this was reflecting my dark, congested mood.

My first original painting in the bunch came from an idea of some larger project I wanted to do and have since been procrastinating on.

The weed at its best.

The weed at its best.

I wanted to originally paint this, then poke holes in the center of the seeds and stick LED lights through them, but this is still a pending project.  The painting itself was mildly based on stock photography, because, honestly, up until then I had not really put too much thought into the details of a dandelion stem.

And finally in this initial series, I present to you the beautifully gilded, controversial Treegate.

The intended orientation.

The intended orientation.

An alternate interpretation

An alternate interpretation

Which is it?! Is it the side of a single tree or is it in fact two trees standing next to each other? Inspired originally by Klimt’s tree of life, I simply wanted to do a re-interpretation of some of the branches.  My beloved, on the other hand, thought I was hanging the thing sideways on the wall and was confused.  Briefly, I even dared to suggest hanging it at 45 degrees to signify a compromise, but no! No compromise! IAMTHEARTIST!


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